New publication in mSystems!

March 30, 2021

Chaetoceros decipiens

Our new publication led by former Master’s student Rob Lampe was recently published in mSystems.  In this study we simulated the upwelling conveyor belt cycle (UCBC) to examine how a common diatom and coccolithophore originally isolated from the California upwelling zone respond to changes associated with the cycle.  In addition, we examined the effects of iron-limitation on how these two phytoplankton species cope with the UCBC.  Our findings show that the diatom Chaetoceros decipiens is particularly well-adapted to upwelling cycles.  Co-authors include current graduate student Johnson Lin and former undergraduate researcher Gustavo Hernandez.


Representative Diatom and Coccolithophore Species Exhibit Divergent Responses throughout Simulated Upwelling Cycles