Iron limitation in diatoms impairs viral infection

April 10, 2021

In a recent study published in Nature Geosciences led by Chana Kranzler from the Thamatrakoln Lab at Rugers University, we examined how iron limitation in diatoms may affect viral infection.  Molecular datasets used in the study were derived from incubation experiments led by members of the Marchetti lab during the IrnBru cruise in the California Upwelling Zone in 2014 and a Line P cruise in the Northeast Pacific in 2015. The study found an interesting ecological trade-off in how growth limitation by low iron availability may result in diatoms being less vulnerable to viral infection by slowing down mortality and reducing viral replication.

Impaired viral infection and reduced mortality of diatoms in iron-limited oceanic regions

A Nature Geosciences news and views article about the study is available here.